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Contact Page Added

by Rican7

I realized, when talking to a visitor on the chat, that I didn’t have a Contact page up. Doh! Well, now there’s a Contact Page up, so if anyone ever needs to contact me, now you can. Seriously, though, if you ever have a question, comment, or even an idea for the site and community. [...]

Chat Added

by Rican7

I found a great chat widget for the site, so I stuck it on the sidebar under the galleries. I want this website to be a great collaborative effort, so I figured having a quick social discussion widget was a no-brainer. Anyway, enjoy! Update: I forgot to mention that the chat isn’t on the Home [...]

Site Launch

by Rican7

The site’s launched! We’re still working on a lot of the content and some of the overall styling, but otherwise, the site is launched and live! If you want to know what DelSolSource is all about, check out our About page.