A little about DelSolSource

DelSolSource is your one stop information source for anything and everything about the Honda Del Sol.

DelSolSource’s goal is to become the ultimate source for everything relating to the limited production car, the Honda Del Sol. Whether its specifications, how-to’s, guides, or even the history of the car, we want to be the first place that you think of when thinking about information on the car.

DelSolSource is a personal project of Trevor N. Suarez (Rican7). Starting as a simple idea and test to learn how to custom design for WordPress, DelSolSource has grown to become a full blown community based project. The project was started in between semesters at Plymouth State University, on January 2, 2011. After spending hours in Photoshop, Trevor decided that the project had too much time into it to become a simple throw-away learning project, so he bought the domain name on January 3, 2011 and spent hours developing and designing the site, learning how to develop for WordPress simultaneously. The original website was built on WordPress 3.0.4, using HTML5 and CSS3 starting with NO parent Theme, literally built from scratch HTML5 code and sliced Photoshop images.