Technical Write-Ups

I/H/E Performance Gains

1994 Honda Del Sol S Baseline

If you ever wondered what the performance gains (most notably, horsepower gains) of I/H/E (Intake, Headers, Exhaust) were, wonder no more.

Over at Import Tuner (click the source link for the article), they’ve taken a 1994 Honda Del Sol S with no engine modifications (in fact, I believe the only modification was the rims), and take some numbers before and after doing some modifications.

The article is extremely informative, even stating the ambient air temp.

Test Information

Owner: Import Tuner
Dynamometer Model: XS Engineering Dynojet 248
Air temp @ 68 Degrees Fahrenheit
1994 Honda Del Sol S (D15b7 engine)

Baseline (Peak) Horsepower: 92.4
Baseline (Peak) Torque: 94.2 lb-ft

1994 Honda Del Sol S Baseline

The article even lists HP improvements in different RPM ranges, and includes dyno charts with SAE corrected HP levels.


  1. Stock
    • 92.4 whp
    • 94.2 lb-ft
  2. Injen Intake
    • 95.5 whp (+3.1 whp)
    • 97.1 lb-ft (+2.9 lb-ft)
    • $180.00 MSRP
  3. Skunk2 Exhaust
    • 99.4 whp (+3.9 whp)
    • 99.3 lb-ft (+2.2 lb-ft)
    • $638.00 MSRP
  4. DC Sports Header
    • 102.9 whp (+3.5 whp)
    • 101.8 lb-ft (+2.5 lb-ft)
    • $395.95 MSRP
  5. Final
    • 10.5 whp net-gain
    • 7.6 lb-ft net-gain
    • $1,213.95 MSRP

So, what do you guys think? Was it worth it? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Either way, we now have raw numbers to help justify our purchase and choose what route to take when upgrading.